Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji

How can anyone say NO to a nice hot plate of Pav Bhaji? :)

Forget watching your weight when you dig into this plate, for the bhaji is made of potatoes and the pav is soaked in butter. Sure you can have the option of a butter-less pav, but you're not tasting the REAL thing by doing that!

Opposite V.T. station (C.S.T.) - Canon Pav bhaji, people stand and eat there and it's ALWAYS crowded and it was one of our favorite pav bhaji joint during college days. Have their pav bhaji and then a nice cold glass of their Sweet Lassi.

Andheri west - Oshiwara - Shreeji's restaurant - I love their cheese pav bhaji.

Ghatkopar east - Achija restaurant - I love their cheese / plain pav bhaji too.

Do you have a favorite Pav Bhaji joint?
Leave me a comment and let others know! :)

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